Recording with Metropole Orkest

World’s leading pop & jazz orchestra

About the orchestra

As the world’s leading pop and jazz orchestra, the Metropole Orkest (founded in 1945) is unique as the largest full-time ensemble of its kind – a combination of jazz big band and symphony orchestra. Playing pop, jazz, world, cabaret, folk, film- and game scores, the orchestra has been granted 3 Grammy Awards and 16 Grammy nominations.

Over the past 70 years, the Metropole Orkest has shared the stage with legends such as Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Quincy Jones, Brian Eno, Bono and Steve Vai. In more recent years the orchestra has played and recorded with artists like Michael Kiwanuka, Gregory Porter, Jonathan Jeremiah, Snarky Puppy, Within Temptation & Laura Mvula. Apart from being a beloved accompanist to musicians worldwide, the Metropole Orkest is specialised in recording in all non-classical genres.

Being the partner and official representative of the Metropole Orkest, 30 IPS is now making it possible for you to record with this unique orchestra!

Credit: Hans van der Woerd

Recording packages

Over the years the orchestra has played and recorded with numerous great artists and has produced more than 150 albums and thousands of radio and television broadcasts, in every imaginable style. There are various ways to work and record with the Metropole Orkest:


The Single Song recording package is the best option when you are looking for the real orchestra sound for your song.This unique option allows you to record with an orchestra like you would record with a band. It is the ideal solution if you are looking to replace the sampled orchestra in your production with real professional musicians. Together with you, we will take care of the preparations to make sure you get the orchestra recorded the way it was intended for the record.

No need to book the orchestra for the traditional 3 hours of recording time. By answering a few simple questions about your song, we will get back to you with the possibilities and a fixed quote for the recording.

On top of that, you also have the flexibility to either attend the session in person or follow real time via a dedicated live stream with multiple camera video and multitrack audio.
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The Traditional recording package allows you to create your own line-up and scheduling for your custom sessions to best fit your production needs. For your recording session, you can choose a combination of studios and acoustics, as well as the option for a customised line-up. This traditional package is ideal if you are looking to record more than one song (i.e. an album) and you have experience with recording orchestras.

A typical session consists of 3-hours and a maximum of two 3-hour sessions – with one optional hour – may be booked in any single day. There is always an experienced in house staff present, but of course you have the ability to bring your own engineer. On top of that, the orchestra works with arrangers who – as an added service – can provide suggested orchestration.

While recording with the orchestra, you can either attend the session in person or follow real time via a dedicated live stream with multiple camera video and multitrack audio.
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The orchestra’s full line-up consists of 50 musicians, who record and perform together on a regular basis.

It is possible to record with a smaller ensemble (just the string section, brass section or a big band) or with an extended orchestra, for which we have a database of professional musicians. Unlike most commercial ochestras, the Metropole Orkest is a family with a long history and are proud to be permanent members.

See full line up


8 violin 1 players

7 violin 2 players

5 viola players

4 cello players

2 contrabass players


2 flutes/alto flutes/piccolos

1 oboe/english horn

2 alto saxophones/soprano saxophones/clarinets

1 tenor saxophone/soprano saxophone/clarinet

1 tenor saxophone/soprano saxophone/clarinet/bass clarinet

1 baritone saxophone/clarinet/(contra)bass clarinet


1 french horn

4 trumpets/flugelhorns

3 trombones

1 bass trombone/tuba


2 players, all pitched & unpitched instruments available

Rhythm section

1 electric guitar/acoustic guitar

1 piano/electric piano

1 contrabass/bass guitar

1 drums

1 Harp

Dedicated recording facilities

The orchestra resides in the ‘Muziekcentrum van de Omroep’ (MCO) in Hilversum, The Netherlands, only 45 minutes from Amsterdam. Within this building, the Metropole Orkest has its own dedicated high end recording facilities.

Studio 3 Control Room

Studio 3 Live Room


Studio 3 at the MCO is the primary studio of the Metropole Orkest, especially designed and built for the orchestra in 1995.

The studio comes with a 300m2 (3,000 sq ft) Live Room featuring a Steinway D concert piano and a dedicated control room. The control room is equipped with a Neve VR Legend 60 channel console with Flying Fader automation. As an acoustically flexible built recording space, Studio 3 also includes three isolation booths.

The orchestra can also divert to the larger Studios 1 (515 m2 / 5,540 sq ft) and 5 (845 m2 / 9,095 sq ft). Studio 1 and 3 are interconnected with video and audio lines.
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